Game Drives

Twice daily we take our guests on a game drive (approximately 3 hours long) in open safari vehicles that offer unobstructed views in all directions. We seat a maximum of 6 people per vehicle. The first game drive leaves soon after sunrise, with a stop for coffee or tea and a snack in the bush. The second game drive departs in the late afternoon with a stop for sun-downers, where guests can watch the sun set over the African horizon. After the sun sets, we continue with a drive back to the lodge aided by a spotlight for night sightings. We are blessed with a diverse array of animal species and will lead you on a fascinating tour through the African bush. The animals roam free, and we get to view them in this open habitat. In exceptional circumstances, we will take our vehicles off-road for special sightings, providing our guests with a unique safari experience and allowing them to get tantalizingly close to Africa’s wildlife. Bring your cameras and you will leave Senalala with once-in-a-lifetime photos to supplement unforgettable memories!

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Walking Safaris

Walking safaris allow for the opportunity to experience the bush from a very different perspective. This includes studying animal tracks and signs, as well as learning more about the ecology of the surrounding environment. While out on a walk, there is always a chance of tracking and finding animals on foot.  This is nature in its primal form – a unique way to experience the bush and a great addition to your safari.

Walking Safaris are done either in the morning or afternoon, as a substitute for a game drive. This adventure lasts between 2 and 2 1/2 hours, and guests should be in good physical condition (able to walk between 5-7 km). The guide has the obligation, for the safety of all guests, to determine whether an individual is capable of completing a walk. The walking is not strenuous as we move at a relaxed pace that is safe in the bush, taking in the smells and sounds of the surroundings. However, at times, it may be necessary to increase our speed in order to avoid certain situations or to position ourselves safely in the event of an encounter with various wildlife. Walking safaris are subject to the availability of a qualified walking guide.

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The Waterhole

Without water there is no life, and its vitality is constantly observed from the deck, lawns, and chalets of  Senalala. It is our “center of the planet,” and at any time, any one (or many) of the animals in the area may visit the private area on the game path that follows the nTsiri river. We have incredible sightings that include the Big Five (lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and buffalo), giraffe, zebra, many types of antelope, the fortunate visits from wild dog packs, and once in a while a hippo taking up temporary residence!

Our “center of the planet” is not large, but is huge in that it is a magnet for game sightings, and we would love to share it with you, with a refreshing drink of your own, on our comfy couches below the thatch covered deck.

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Outside Dining and
“The Wine Room”

There are two dining areas where all meals are served – one outside with a view to the waterhole and an enclosed, air-conditioned wine-themed area for those hot summer days or windy/cooler winter evenings.  In the “wine room” we stock our wide variety of red and white wines, which are part of your fully catered experience.

The traditional homemade meals are made with care from the freshest ingredients and served to guests as they take in the natural setting around them.  A time for guests to break bread together and share stories of the day’s events, meals at Senalala are a treasured tradition.

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Greater Kruger… home of Africa’s Big Five

When choosing a safari holiday, the term “The Big Five” will often crop up and refers to some of Africa’s most popular wildlife … the Lion, Leopard, African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, and Rhino. The Greater Kruger area are rich with wildlife and home to the Big Five. While these animals are undoubtedly impressive, it is good to know that there are many different species of wildlife in our area that are just as fascinating.

One of them is called the African Wild Dog, also referred to as Painted Wolves, which is actually a very good description of these animals when you look at their colours, patterns, and markings. The African Wild Dog is an endangered species, with only four remaining populations in Africa … one of which is the Greater Kruger area. So, seeing these animals on safari is very special, and in the Klaserie we are in the fortunate position of encountering them on a regular basis.

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Luxury, Conservation, & Education

Our vision is to ensure that you enjoy an unparalleled bush experience, whether in search of the Big 5 or while enjoying the comforts and amenities within the camp. At Senalala, we provide you with more than an opportunity to observe Africa’s wildlife – we provide you with an opportunity to interact and engage with Africa’s complex ecosystem, with an equal focus on luxury, conservation, and education.

Guests arrive at Senalala in search of Africa’s rich, diverse wildlife and beautiful scenery, and they leave with a collection of new experiences, expanded horizons, and a fresh perspective on life both within and outside the bush. We look forward to your arrival at Senalala and continuing this tradition together!


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