Dry season

June 19, 2016

The majority of the Greater Kruger National Park is still experiencing a drought and as the season changes to its dry period, the amount of vegetation is in decline. This is a normal pattern but a result of this can be observed by stress on the wildlife, particularly the elephants who seem grumpier than usual.
Their behavior can be downright unpleasant with social issues within the herds and particularly cows that seem to be somewhat frustrated.
The trumpeting and growling, along with the odd bellow as well as exaggerated feeding behavior is indicative that there is a level of stress and should be a warning to visitors that they need to be very aware of their proximity to these majestic animals during this time of year.
Elephant behavior is extremely complex and the study of their ability to communicate is fascinating.
The following article on the SANPARKS website is a good summary:

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