February flooding

March 5, 2023

After two solid days of rain, on Friday morning the 10th of February 2023, we sat with a cup of coffee on the deck and watched as the flow of Ntsiri river in front of the lodge was getting faster and stronger. In a matter of two hours a huge rise in water had us move furniture to higher ground and we watched as the river slowly crept onto the lawn and trickled into some of our rooms. The deck in front of the lodge, normally standing on its own looking down on the riverbed, was also now level with the river. Fortunately for us, the river lowered soon after, and no further water damage was done. Thank goodness! We sadly had to cancel our weekend guests as we had to clean the lodge and access roads were undrivable at the time. Fortunately, a couple of days later we welcomed guests again. The roads were wet and soggy, and the guides not only had to find the animals hiding from rainy weather, but also had to try their best not to get stuck. It was an interesting couple of days in the bush. We are thankful for the rains we have received, and we know that winter will be good with plenty of food around for the wildlife.

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