Hail storm

June 5, 2021

On the evening of April 23rd, we were surprised by an intense hailstorm, accompanied by strong winds, that passed through our area. Leaves were stripped from the trees and shrubs and grass was flattened by the hail and wind. The lawns at the lodge were completely covered by the hail. The next morning, we could see the devastation more clearly as the wind took off the roof of one of our buildings, several trees were blown over, while branches and leaves covered the entire lodge area.

After a couple of days of cleaning the lodge looked normal again, but the damage was apparent in our traversing area with some of the trees and shrubs completely stripped of leaves. Seeing that we are nearing our winter season, it was quite worrying at first as it was possible that there would be little food for the browsers. But as nature always surprises us, and showing how resilient it is, the bush has recovered immensely.

The shrubs and trees that were bare a couple of weeks ago all have new leaves. Even though it is not normal for these trees to “shoot” new leaves during the winter season, nature does what it does, and the trees have all recovered while the grass is now green, which is unusual for June.

We are now excited to see how many browsers will be visiting our area during the dry season, with lush green foliage on which to feast …

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