Klaserie Leopards

February 7, 2020

The physical beauty of these cats is always stunning and the sightings are often memorable events. This leopard, Panthera pardus, was seen on the road to the Lodge this past week and is one of many that make the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve their territory.

Leopards occur throughout a great portion of Sub Saharan Africa (and Southeast Asia) but because the Greater Kruger National Park is the largest protected habitat for them their numbers are higher in this area. There is much debate about certain areas being “better” for leopard sightings than others, but in reality the density of leopards is primarily defined by prey abundance (mostly impala in the Kruger area) and to the size of the protected habitat,see here.

Senalala Safari Lodge,and its neighbors in the traversing area, see leopards more frequently than ever and this can be evidenced by the many sightings posted on the social media pages of all the different lodges. To learn more about this IUCN designated vulnerable animal, you can visit the IUCN Red List page here.

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