The latest additions to the Senalala team

June 19, 2016

Senalala would like to introduce the latest additions to the Senalala team:
HJ Engelbrecht, a highly experienced FGASA Level 2 and Full Trails guide joined us in April this year. HJ (as he is known) has been actively guiding in the Klaserie area since 2010. He has an in depth knowledge of the many tasks necessary to ensure your guest experience is the best it can be, and its not always about his extensive knowledge of the fauna and flora. Many times a piece of equipment does not do what it supposed to and HJ is who you need! HJ has been blessed with a great sense of humor and shares many stories with guests at the dinner table and around the Boma that will make them laugh, or bring a smile to their face.

Darryn Rentzke and Lize Greeff have both recently completed their FGASA Level 1 qualifications and are in the process of gaining practical experience at Senalala. Darryn is actively guiding with James and HJ, and Lize is assisting Corlia with general camp duties and looking after guests to make sure they have an unforgettable time. Lize has a degree in journalism (as she loves writing) so she will be sharing some of her stories and experiences with us while Darryn is a skilled photographer, so keep a lookout for their added flair on our Facebook page.

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