Wild dog


Wild dog

The magnificent Cape Wild Dog

March 19, 2017

Almost all visitors to the Greater Kruger come to see as much wildlife as they can, either in quantity or diversity. sadly our industry has been marketed with the term “Big Five” supposedly being the ultimate goal in terms of what you need to see. This beautiful Cape Wild Dog surpasses all of the big five in terms of rarity and is equal in magnificent beauty. Senalala is fortunate to have various packs of the animals pass through our traversing area on a quite frequent basis and the guests that are there at that time can take home a memory (and photo’s) of one of Africa’s most endangered species. For more on this awesome creature see here.

There are only about 450 Wild dogs ( Lycaon Pictus ) in the lowveld region of south Africa and the species is under threat form habitat fragmentation and disease in the form of canine distemper, often arising from interaction with domestic dogs.

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