Red crested Koorhan


Red crested Koorhan

red-crested korhaan

November 21, 2017

This male red-crested korhaan was photographed at the beginning of its descent during its territorial display. It is “nature in motion” and one of the common sights that safari guests get to experience in the Lowveld. This bird is also known as the red-crested bustard (lophotis ruficrista) and is common to the central part of Southern Africa. It is a somewhat sedentary bird that feeds on insects and berries or seeds. It usually breeds at the beginning of summer ( it has a unique mating ritual ) and lays one tot wo eggs in a nest placed n the ground often near a sapling or shrub.

This display shown here is often seen when the bird hears a game vehicle approaching its territory and is one of the more lighthearted moments on a game drive during the search for the various  different mammals.

This photo was taken by Neil Kendall during a visit in October. 

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