Scops owl


Scops owl

Scops Owl

December 10, 2017

This cute Scops-owl is almost always found at Senalala within the camp and can often be heard calling throughout your safari visit. It is one of the smallest owls of the family Strigidae and this particular species is the African Scops-owl ( Otus Senegalensis) which is one of about 45 different owls in this Genus worldwide. To learn more about the different Scops-owls see here 

There are nine different owl species in the Greater Kruger national park and all are predatory bids The African -Scops owl is identifiable easily due to its small size ( about the same as a sparrow ) and has brown legs,a grey back with a white throat. Its head is also grey and it’s eyes are yellow . Males and females share these characteristics . A solitary bid that is monogamous it is a joy to see and is almost always a great photo opportunity.

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