Seasons in the bush

November 6, 2018

Visitors often ask which is the best season to visit the Greater Kruger National Park and it is not a simple answer. Each season has its own special characteristics and special charm. As we exit the dry winter season (hopefully soon!!) and are fortunate to have decent precipitation, the bush evolves from the brown /grey landscape seen here, to the green summer bush that is the beginning of the hot period that usually accompanies the rainy season.

In the Klaserie, the normal annual rainfall is approximately 250 mm to 300 mm, although this varies with the El Nino Southern Oscillation cycle. The current prediction for this upcoming summer leans towards a drier season than normal. This does not mean that there is an impending drought but rather that there is less chance for significant rains, which can be a blessing.

This last post before the rains turn the bush green, is to illustrate how this leopard blends in astoundingly well.It also reminds us of the privilege we have to be a party to these wonderful wildlife sightings.

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